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How well do you know your numbers?

"Know your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of a business ~ Bill gates" You have the idea. You have the passion. A solid technical know-how of how to make your product. You know you are just inches away from disrupting the market with your idea. You know the...

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The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

What is the dark side of entrepreneurship? The only place we hear about the dark side is - Star Wars! and trust me, their dark side of star wars is not as bad as the dark side of entrepreneurship. It took me years of working as an entrepreneur to realize...

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Why do most new businesses and Startups Fail?

Why do startups fail in India? or for that matter,  why do startups fail in any country? This is one hot favourite question asked "very often" on Quora. Finally, Failure is something people are talking about and i am not complaining about it. The failure of a business...

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Entrepreneurship Guides

The Entrepreneurship Guide: Steps to becoming an Entrepreneur!

It’s a new world! A world of start-ups.   The startup revolution has made things way more easy, way more accessible for all of us. And this has caught the eyes of Corporate, media and most importantly VCs,bringing the much-deserved attention to their cause....

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How to become a Successful Freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who is not bound by the so-called commitments of a job. A Freelancer (usually) does not take long-term jobs and likes to plan his/her work timings as per the jobs in hand. I have freelanced in past through websites like upwork,...

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List of Failed Startups

Famous Indian startups that closed in 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen. Presenting to you – the list of failed startups from the year 2018 with reasons of closure and my analysis of what went wrong with them. Yes, I Know. It took longer than expected, but I had been swamped planning, writing and finally...

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10 major Indian startups which closed in the year 2017

Last year I wrote an article with a list of failed startups in the year 2016 and the lessons we learned from these failures. Why I cover a list of failed startups and a list of failed companies every year is for the simple reason “There are lessons to be learned from...

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List of Failed Startups in India in 2016

In the last few months, VC-backed Indian startup companies have finally come face to face with harsh realities of the startup world. The exponential growth, they claimed while taking funds from VCs had made way for a negative growth. Tough questions were to be...

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Small Business and Startup Advice

How to Raise Funds for Startup?

Raising funds is one of the toughest parts of starting a startup. Think of money or funds as the most important part of running a startup, If your business is a car, money is the fuel. The car just does not move without money. “How to raise funds for startup in...

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How to quickly get Rich?

The best questions are reserved for the end of the show. Why wouldn’t they be? The show is about to end. The host will walk away will the ticket’s money you paid him and you are left wondering “Did I recover my money”. I have not been doing shows but conducting...

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The Entrepreneurship Journey so Far…

How to Start a Startup?

As per you what are the requirements to start a start a small business or a startup? Since all of us are so gung-ho about raising funds, let me make my question a little simpler and ask you "Is money the only prerequisite to starting a business?". I am sent a lot of...

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