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Is Freelancing worth it?

What is Freelancing and Who is a Freelancer? A freelancer is a self-employed person who is not bound by the commitment of the so-called dream job. A Freelancer (usually) does not take long-term jobs and likes to plan his/her work timings as per the jobs in hand. The...

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How good is Franchise style of Business?

Levi’s, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut are the brand names that have used franchise model of business to succeed. A model where they offer the same "brand" experience to customers visiting any of their outlets. Such is the similarity in their stores (in terms of...

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10 major Indian startups which closed in the year 2017

Last year I wrote an article with a list of failed startups in the year 2016 and the lessons we learned from these failures. Why I cover a list of failed startups is for the simple reason “There are lessons to be learned from each failure”. Teachings which will help...

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The Entrepreneurial journey so far!

10 years is a long time. At least it looks long when you count the white hair on my beard and the big bunch of white hair hiding under my turban. Please add one more advantage of wearing a turban to the list. The religious zealots can update their list 😊 Jokes apart!...

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The Quoran

650+ Answers | 704K views | 4K Upvotes – My history on Quora

I am not your next door “Social Media” guy. I still don’t know how to take a proper “Selfie” and my mind goes for a toss when i see today’s generation X make those “pouts”.

I left FB a few years back and just when I thought i was turning into an unsocial animal, I stumbled upon Quora.

Let’s get connected on Quora to Learn from each other!

How did you start over when your business failed?

The Sob Story:

Well! Every failure is a sob story. A story we all want to forget.

In my case, when one of the businesses i was closely involved in – wrapped up, the first thing i did was calculated the Personal loss i had taken in the business (the signs were all there. It’s just, all the partners were like Ostriches with their heads inside the ground. Praying, the inevitable does not happen). Read More

How difficult is it to start a new business in India?

Businesses were Govt. is supposed to give you Clearance for every step:

Alright. Brace up for a life full of challenges. You will be expected to grease some very rough hands (lot of grease) at every stage.

Be ready to run around govt offices to get clearances or hire some agent/broker to do the job. Some of the businesses in this line of work include : Hotels, Industries, etc.

How easy is to set this second line of business?

You need to be street smart to deal with govt babus and negotiate the right price for getting the job done.

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How difficult is to be a founder of a tech startup with no tech background?

Here is the problem of being a founder of a tech startup without any technical background “You will lose a lot of money and time communicating with the techies”.

I write this from experience. I think you should spend at least a month learning basics of software development, prototyping and the best programming languages in market before you decide to start the startup. Read More 

Why is Flipkart making losses in spite of growth in revenues?

Although the revenue of flipkart increased by 153% in 12 months, the market share has remained flat. And the losses stood at 2,306 Cr at the end of last financial year.

The Indian Ecommerce market undoubtedly is growing at a good pace but the race to capture the market is leading to heavy losses for the major players. Amazon and Flipkart are in a cut throat competition vying for the same market space. Heavy discounting, advertising and logistic is leading to huge losses.

We are in an era where the money is dumped into a black hole without even understanding the simple dynamics of profit and loss. Read More

What are the most clichéd answers on Quora?


Who is your favourite actor?

Answer: He is someone who is 6 ‘ 5″ tall. Has done 10 movies. All were super hits. He has a bushy chest and biceps bigger than mountains.

Yes. I am talking about “Mr. X”.

  • I hate it when they build the suspense. Why can’t you simply write “I like acting of Mr. X. Why the hell do we need to know about height, weight, chest, hair of the actor you like. (Read More)
I want to start a restaurant business. What should I start with? What are the important things to be kept in mind before starting the business?

Restaurant businesses are the trickiest of all the businesses out there.

They have the highest rate of failure. Still, we see so many of them open every day and shutting shop before we could even say “the food could have been much better”.

My brother runs a restaurant of his own for last few years. Here is what i learnt after observing his business model:

  • Starting a restaurant is something which requires a decent amount of investment. You should take expenses like the kitchen, furniture, utensils, crockery, etc, etc and the budget for the same. Start with a budget of how much you will spend on all of these based on the capacity of restaurant and services you intend to serve.


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Full of energy, Jasmeet is one of the mentor who taught me skills of Digital Marketing in details. His patience, expression, way to explanation, techniques, and medium are most updated with requirements of industry. It has been a good experience to be with him.

Reetesh Singh

Public Relation, Media Relations & Planning, Luit Digital Distribution

Jasmeet was a pleasure to work with! Knowledgeable, timely, on-the-ball, very friendly and helped me organize and understand a lot around my business structure. With a keen sense for markets and a great sense of humour, he helped me tackle market research in a more efficient way and assisted with how to communicate to my audience. He even went out of his way, on his own time to research things for me as well. I really appreciate all the help Jasmeet.

Great working with you!

Misho Milicevic

CEO, Grandeur Apps

Jasmeet created a custom loan portal for my company website. The functionality of the portal is exactly as I requested and he’s clearly a skilled programmer. His pricing is very fair, and after months of work, I can say that Jasmeet is an extremely honest person. I’m in San Francisco and he’s half way around the world in India. Everything was done within budget and within the quoted time frame. He would take calls (his time) at midnight to work with my schedule. I highly recommend his company. Anybody considering his service can contact me directly via phone or email to talk about the experience.

Michael Divita

President, DiVita Home Finance

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