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The Entrepreneurship Guide: Steps to becoming an Entrepreneur!

It’s a new world! A world of start-ups. The startup revolution has made things way more easy, way more accessible for all of us. And this has caught the eyes of Corporate, media and most importantly VCs,bringing the much-deserved attention to their cause. Consider...

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How to become a Successful Freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who is not bound by the so-called commitments of a job. A Freelancer (usually) does not take long-term jobs and likes to plan his/her work timings as per the jobs in hand. I have freelanced in past through websites like upwork,...

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How good is Franchise style of Business?

Levi’s, McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut are the brand names that have used the franchise model of business to succeed. A model where they offer the same "brand" experience to customers visiting any of their outlets. Such is the similarity in their stores (in terms...

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10 major Indian startups which closed in the year 2017

Last year I wrote an article with a list of failed startups in the year 2016 and the lessons we learned from these failures. Why I cover a list of failed startups and a list of failed companies every year is for the simple reason “There are lessons to be learned from...

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