Years after running a conventional business, we finally decide to get “innovative”. After trying a series of ideas for a small business, we have finally zeroed in on an innovative startup small business idea.

I can now proudly gloat at the top of my voice “I am soon going to start a startup”.

You might be wondering where is all this heading to?

Let me give you a little background on what I do to earn my bread and butter.

I run a software company. In fact, I walk a software company. If I was running the company, I would barely have time to write the blog.

So, we have walked (dragged) at a decent pace for last 4 to 5-year getting clients at our own pace and living a decent life.

The definition of decent changes from person to person. What Bill Gates perceive as a “decent” life is quite opposite to what the tea vendor outside my office thinks of a “decent” life.

I am somewhere between. As a matter of fact, I relate more to the tea seller (thanks to modi ji)than Bill Gates.

We sit together at times and discuss our venture. He gives me business ideas to improve my business and i have business ideas to make his tea stall more productive in terms of getting more customers.

He is indeed a sharp chap who has built a business out of nothing.(the unsung hero of Indian startup industry)

Other than the small “turnover” difference, our businesses are almost identical. We are in the service industry.

After years of crawling (running -> walking -> strolling -> crawling. Don’t be surprised if I end the blog with “I sit on a company which hasn’t moved for years”) and getting nudged by the new “cool startup generation” for falsely claiming to be a startup, I decided to think “out of box”.

The rust brain of mine took some time to spark and when it did. I finally had a business idea which i think might outlive the best of ideas in its competition space.

Trust me it is easier said than done.

I have tried “out of box” stuff multiple times in past, only to fall flat on my face. The falls which led to catastrophic failure are shared in my blog  10 reasons why most small business and startups fail.

I consider them as “the meaningful experiences of life which left me high and dry” (and broke 🙂 )

What is cooking?

Alright! Hold your horses. I am sharing with you the secret idea which could make you a millionaire overnight.

Presenting “thou shalt not be named” idea of our startup. So our genius idea from the long list of ideas for small business is innovation (no doubt) and will increase the efficiency of teams.

I will cut to the chase.

We are working on a project collaboration tool which can be easily customized and modified to suit the requirement of different industries.

Shit…That’s a damper.

I wrote 100 lines to only end the suspense in 2 stupid lines.

Wait. Don’t close the article. Keep reading. There is more to it than just “2 lines”.

Why “this Business idea” is a game-changer?

Since I have already placed our “idea” in the class of a startup. I do not see how I can define my idea without using the heavyweight words “game-changer” disruptive” “innovative” “creative”…. Blah-2.

The idea is a “game changer”. It “disrupts” the project management space with a lot of fancy features which all project managers will love.

Here is a little background:

I have handled operations of our IT services division (one of the jobs which I do in my company in addition to HR, Finance, marketing, sales, security, etc) for years. Over the years I have used every single tool available in the market to “efficiently” manage our teams.

Every tool had some or the other shortfall.

Some were too complicated. Others only looked at solving one part of the problems. The rests were too expensive.

We finally settled on a tool called as teamwork.

It does the job but it fails to create a bridge between our QA team and development team. At the end of the day, we struggle to figure out how much faulty did our development team get.

The Mahabharata in between QA and developers go unresolved as they work on two different tools.

Also, the tool is very low on analytics and is not intuitive. Despite all the criticism, it still is the best tool among competitors.

We, the business owners want tools which can help us run our business i.e, the tools should work how J.A.R.V.I.S works for Ironman.

I know I am getting a little ahead of my game.

So the tool we are working on will be one of the rare tools which will have the ability to seamlessly connect all our teams creating an environment where the hours, billing, the fight between different teams are handled transparently.

Tomorrow, if a developer says QA screwed. The tool can transparently tell us who screwed the project.

Trust me, what I am writing in a lighter vein is the biggest “pain in the arse” for every company working with multiple tools.

The tool is being developed keeping in mind the Indian Market.

Why India?

Frankly speaking, I have spent years working for the overseas market. In my new startup space, the overseas market is full of project collaboration tools like asana, teamwork, jira, wrike, etc, etc.

All of them are equally good but many of them do not understand our Indian Market.

This tool is one of those ideas which can go in the group of new innovative business ideas for Indian market.

Not that I will mind if someone from the foreign land decides to pay me in USD but now, the focus is “India”

What else?

The tool has another module called as stepo. The module allows you to create steps and you can reuse steps for the business as many times as you want.

For ex, we have a resource augmentation division in our company.

We get hell lot of vacancies from our “Big Clients”. Most of the time, we lose track of vacancies and at which stage they are.

In this tool, you can use stepo module to create steps for a work “vacancy”.

And every time a vacancy is created, the steps are laid out. Inside each step, you can create tasks.

After a month of two of using the software, you will start getting analytics.

The software will read in between the lines for you. i.e, which client is profitable? Where did you lose money? Time v/s results, etc, etc.

What else does the startup offer:

As of now, we are bootstrapped. We are digging deep into our pockets to take money from our existing crawling business to fund our new startup.

But this is our “startup” moment.

I had worked on the idea around a year back and sent a business plan to VCs around India on their websites.

Most of them asked me to f**k off. (just kidding. They didn’t respond. Who wants to fund an idea when their established startups are bleeding)

But a gentleman from a big VC firm responded.

 I see the value for an all in one smb focused software package… Especially done via the cloud.

Unfortunately, these businesses get hard in the go to market and sales processes.  If this can be done over the web in a self serve way then economics work else it’s hard.   “

The words of wisdom are still with me.

The year 2016 is my startup Eureka year.

Here is a toast to the man who said “Eureka” while running in his birthday suit.

Cheers Archimedes!!!

Note: watch this space for more updates on our “yet to be named” product which promises to be the mother of all ideas for a small business.

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Jasmeet Singh
Just another Entrepreneur at Lessons At Startup
Jasmeet has been a part of multiple Ventures. He earns his bread and butter by hanging onto his first venture, a Software Company located in India.

He is at present working on a new startup idea which like all startups will be "Disruptive" (at least he thinks so :) )

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