The best questions are reserved for the end of the show.

Why wouldn’t they be? The show is about to end. The host will walk away will the ticket’s money you paid him and you are left wondering “Did I recover my money”.

I have not been doing shows but conducting digital marketing workshops and i was asked in my last workshop (at the end) – “How to get rich in short time?

By the way, did you notice – I have graduated to the next level of becoming a trainer after slogging so many years in a career, which has seen me don multiple hats.

The salesperson, marketing head, project coördinator, HR Head are just a few of the designations I have lived with as an Entrepreneur.

But Jasmeet. Aren’t you the director of your company?

I am the director of a small company where it is better to be an Employee than Director.

First and foremost, we get paid the least. Secondly, we get paid the last and we have to slog the most,

Such a thankless job it is to be the “Director” here.

I am going to share an interesting event from one of our last workshops.

The two-day workshop was coming to an end. I was winding up the interaction and just before I could pack my bags and head home, came an interesting question “Can you tell us the mediums through which a person can quickly earn money?”

Precisely speaking, the person wanted to know “How to quickly get rich?” (as mentioned earlier in the post).

I was asked to list the mediums to quickly get rich.

“Ta-da”. I was zapped. It was one of those moments when you come prepared thinking you have it all under control only to be clean bowled by a Yorker.

If someone asks me mediums from which we can generate revenue, I can quickly give a list of mediums they can use to generate revenue but to give mediums where you can quickly earn money is something beyond my skill set.

All my work was going down the drain. I could not answer the witty question asked by a student who was there to earn money quickly.

I quickly gave the list of mediums which can be used to monetize one’s website and smartly moved on.

Understandably, the candidate did not persist with the demand to get a correct answer. (A glimpse of my torn clothes and worn out shoes were enough to tell him “This guy is not the right guy for this question”).

We all moved on.

From being a middle-class guy, I have gradually grown poor in the longest time possible.

Imagine, even to become poor I took my own sweet time.

The word “quick” just does not go well with me.

The very reason I mentioned the incident was because we all want to get rich quickly.

Don’t you trust me?

Search on Quora and you will get questions ranging from “what is the shortcut to become rich?” to “Any tips to become a billionaire” etc, etc.

Guess what! There are experts who try and answer these questions. Most of the time, the so-called experts are those who like me are yet to turn millionaires forget billionaires.

Even on google the phrase “how to get rich quick” is so famous that Google gives you 1,11,00,000 results when you search for the keyword.

And famous websites like CNBC, Investor guide, the richest have published articles like:

Here are 5 ways to get rich | 10 proven ways on How to get rich quick | 10 of the laziest ways you can become rich.

Seriously! Is there a way to lazily get rich?

My goodness. I am a caveman who has been away from the real world for too long.

How do you be lazy and get rich?

Let me ask you something “Have you become rich quickly or lazily?”

If the answer is Yes. Here is my email id [email protected]

Be my guest. I am willing to sponsor a beer, coffee, dinner or whatever you want (in my budget).

Although, I am sure you wouldn’t need a sponsorship from me. You are already rich 😊

To get rich over a period is cool but to be rich quickly without a secret benefactor is Epic.

You are the person who can enlighten me.

Because I have spent close to 10+ years slogging my arse off. Working like a dog. Missing some important milestones in my personal life to reach a stage where I can say “I am just doing fine!”.

Why do we have this obsession with getting rich in a short time?

Ahhh! It’s a short, unpredictable life. Why slog like a donkey when you can find the secret ingredient to get rich?

We are indeed a lazy lot. And we are a lazy lot which still has not figured out a way to lazily get rich. Something an article from a website mentions “How to lazily get rich” 😊

We don’t want to work hard and develop our skill sets.

All we want is to get rich quickly and then go around zooming in our expensive cars, flying around the world in private jets and do every damn thing they show the rich brats do in movies.

Is the Jealous me now blaming the movies for making you believe “getting rich is easy”?

Looks like. It is.

How about putting some extra effort?

The world is full of cynics. And I am not one of them. I am the B + guy who has survived the last few years fighting the dark side of entrepreneurship, riding on a ship built with hope, perseverance, and determination. (Do I get brownie points for praising myself on my blog?)

One of the qualities which have helped me sail through rough weathers is my ability to learn something new, every day.

During the same workshop (I mentioned at the start of my blog), one of the gentlemen asked me “Since you are training us on digital marketing, can you tell us how much business have you generated for yourself using digital marketing?”

A fair question to ask. I told him about the two good consulting opportunities which came because of the blog.

Instead of appreciation, all I got was a scoffed remark “That’s only two opportunities. Tomorrow you might not get any”.

“Ahem. Excuse me Monsieur!”

I might not get any but that’s not the purpose of the blog. I run the blog out of my passion to write about my entrepreneurial journey.

My bread and butter are managed through my other venture which has consistently supported me for years. It supported me when I was a naïve youngster trying to sell websites at Peanut’s price and it supports me today when I claim to be a Director of a company which is worth millions.

(I know you won’t do a background check and it feels good to mention millions on the blog).

Every penny I earn from the blog is an icing on the cake.

Looks like, I am going a little off track.

How about upgrading your skill set?

I have worked very hard to learn digital marketing

Let me take you through my digital marketing journey.

Around 4 to 5 years back we had an SEO division in our company which we had to wind up after google played havoc in the search engine world using its algorithms.

The day I closed the division was the day I promised myself to tame the beast (sounds so filmy. Right? This one is right out of 90s movies where the hero would pledge to turn the world upside down by learning the tricks of the trade to defeat the villain).

And there started my journey to learn digital marketing.

The pace at which I learned digital marketing was slow, owing to my commitment to our software and web development company but it was always steady.

I was never in a hurry.

I would study over the weekend and spend time after office hours to learn the finer details of digital marketing.

To experiment with my knowledge, I failed few ventures (rank my leader, rank your leader, game online spot) and lost some money and then, started a new blog (the one you are reading).

In between, i did freelancing too to experiment my knowledge on a client’s projects – with good results.

I experimented more with the blog with new writing styles, techniques, etc. One fine day, the internet god smiled upon me.

The Tapasya was paying off.

One of my blogs went viral. I had hit jackpot. The jackpot took a few years of good hard work but it was there for me to see.

I enjoyed every single moment of traffic flowing to the blog. The power of going viral was for me to see first-hand live on my blog.

That’s the message I try telling everyone “You will taste success. All you need is perseverance, patience, and hard work”.

After all these years of working extra hours, today I can claim to at least know the basics of digital marketing.

Those of you, who have been a part of different venture would agree that finding extra time to learn something new with an existing business is not an easy task.

We all have tried and failed.

It’s a small victory I have, to show for all the extra hours I spent learning something new.

And I still haven’t turned rich quickly by teaching digital marketing or selling digital marketing service.

The business plan for the sharp brain has the break-even time listed as 6 months.

Again, it is “Break even”. Not profits.

I come from the old school of thought when it comes to building businesses where they say, “Rome was not built in a day”.

I do get impatient at times when things move slowly which at times transforms me into a grumpy entrepreneur (sadu boss).

(*caution : I am to be strictly avoided when I am in one of my grumpy moods)

Despite my occasional bad moods and eternal grumpiness, I have a clear notion of what it would take to succeed here.

And that is “There is no shortcut to success”. (Now. How many times have we heard this?)

Didn’t they teach us this in school/college?

They taught us this and many more important lessons which are so aptly meant for our day today lives today but we were busy making paper planes and crashing them at all the wrong places.

Weren’t you?

Shit. Looks like I am the only bad apple, the back bencher writing the blog.

I take back my words. I was always sitting in the first row listening attentively to sir, ma’ams trying to make sense of everything they said without contributing any bit from my end.

I would mug it all and vomit in exams to be the “apple of teacher’s eye”.

The other day someone asked me “What about raising funds?”

Hummm….No one is willing to fund a business person who runs ventures which aren’t sexy enough to seduce the ones who fund the billion dollars go down the drain businesses in our country.

I am just a guy trying to make things work and banks have been kind enough to lend money like money lenders charging exuberant interest for unsecured loans.

God bless them.

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Jasmeet Singh
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He is at present working on a new startup idea which like all startups will be "Disruptive" (at least he thinks so :) )

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