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I am Jasmeet, an Entrepreneur who started his Entrepreneurial journey around 8 years back after leaving my first and only job. Yes. It was the same time when working in an IT MNC was the dream job and gone abroad on an onsite visit was the only gateway to make some quick bucks.

I have done some stupid things over my college days and job days but leaving my job where “Sky was the limit: quoting one of my geek colleague” was definitely not one of them.

I have been a part of multiple startups till date. Some failures, Some success.

What do I do for a living?

I am at present handling IT Services division of our company. The same IT Services which funded the weddings and dreams of millions like me. I also mentor few startups/small businesses in different capacities and I teach Digital Marketing, helping students decide how a career in Digital marketing can help them.

I also take workshops on Entrepreneurship.

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 About Lessons At Startup:

Lessons at startup is a blog to share my real life experiences of starting, running, dragging, sleeping, sleepwalking, failing, succeeding startups and small businesses.

Starting a startup is ever easy. It’s 24 X 7 job where you learn on the job. Most of the learnings are screw-ups you do. by making mistakes. You are expected to know HR, Marketing, sales, etc, etc.

You are expected to know HR, Marketing, Sales, etc, etc.

You must be wondering; why do we need to know everything when there are resources to hire for every domain in the market? Well. Until and unless, you have a VC with deep pockets or a rich dad willing to splurge on his kid’s adventures, I highly recommend you learn to don all hats of running a business.

From wiping office floors (I have done this when our sweeper did not turn up for 5 good days) to running HR department of my company (toughest department to handle), you have to do it all.

I cannot tell you how many times I have failed by not learning to get out of my shell. There was a time, I literally went broke because of bad financial management. Not that I am a millionaire now 🙂

Other than the “free” advice on startups, I will share what I learn every day via the omnipresent internet guru “Google”.

I meet so many lost souls in companies struggling in their day to day jobs. They remind me of monster’s ad where a batsman is shown washing clothes, a dancer is guiding a plane to taxi.

Most of them want to quit.

In fact, the first response when I tell them I run a software company is “You are still the boss”.

I wish I could tell them “Entrepreneurship is not easy. You have no idea, the number of days I have spent without a penny in my pocket”.

Irrespective of all challenges, remember Entrepreneurship is fun. The challenges here are nothing in comparison to what you face in your day to day jobs. I hope you find this blog as a helpful resource for building your Startup.

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Recently I’ve started a Digital marketing agency called The Sharp Brain. Where I offer consulting and digital marketing services through my company with the help of expert digital marketers in my team.

Content Writing

There’s no better way to “Tell your Company’s Story” than by actually – Telling a Story.

Startup Consultant

Loan, Financial advice, Business model, blah blah. I got your back. Use my 10 years of experience to build your empire.

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Full of energy, Jasmeet is one of the mentor who taught me skills of Digital Marketing in details. His patience, expression, way to explanation, techniques, and medium are most updated with requirements of industry. It has been a good experience to be with him. Reetest Singh

Public Relation & Media Planning


Jasmeet is a consummate professional in every way. Aside from being technically strong, he understands business and the value relationships with his client. I strongly recommend Jasmeet Reetest Singh

PMP® | CSM® | ITIL®, Banglore

I have worked with Jasmeet & Softlogique since 2010 & I am happy to say that I currently have several projects in progress with Jasmeet . I look forward to working with him for many more years Kerry Hudson

Leaseworks, Australia

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