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The Bootstrapped Entrepreneurship

Hi there!

Let’s start the conversation by addressing the elephant in the room, Coronavirus! 

The list of words used to describe this menace is endless. The monster is everywhere now! 

So, where do we go from here?

A lot of us have already lost our jobs, and others may be having sleepless nights about losing theirs.

Now, quite a few of us have been waiting for years to start their venture but have been either –

  • too comfortable in our Jobs
  • or have been too timid to start the Business

What if it told you – Now is the perfect time to start your business or even start thinking about one.

Why now?

Let me put my ‘Entrepreneur Turban’ (not a hat in my case 😊) and answer this question.

Thinking like an Entrepreneur, I see the current time as a perfect opportunity as:

  • You have more time with you: Well – to start with, you have a lot of time at home (even if you minus the commute time to work, you are literally saving 2 hours daily). 
  • Your target segment is easier to reach: Marketing is much easier as the whole world is now glued to the internet.

I know you do not want to take the risk of spending a fortune in starting a business. (especially, when you do not know about the unpredictable job industry)

What if i told you that Businesses can be started with as low as INR 50,000 ($1000)?

So, how do you kick start your entrepreneurial journey with minimum or no investment? 

Yet, all is not dark and gloomy for those of us who want to be an entrepreneur – Bootstrapping is our way out!

Yes – You can take a risk with a limited budget by Bootstrapping during the Coronavirus times.

There are millions of thriving businesses in the world that have started, grown, and established a name for themselves without raising a penny through VCs.

And, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the “bootstrapped entrepreneurs” fraternity.

The two-common factors in all my businesses have been:

  • They were Bootstrapped (they were funded purely by me)
  • They were all started with less than 1 Lakh INR or 2000 $ Funding (that’s the cost of buying a good motorbike in India :)) 

I am not saying I have been successful with all of them, but there have been some significant successes. Some of them being:

  • An IT Company that started with a 2000 $ – INR 1 Lakh investment and went on to become a 1 Million $ Turnover company (INR 6 Crore plus) counting three of the Big 4 Consulting companies as its client.
  • A Digital Marketing Training company started with a 1000 $ investment. I managed to train more than 5000+ students (offline and online) under the training agency’s brand name.
  • An ecommerce business that I started with my better half with an INR 1 Lakh investment and using one of our home’s bathroom as our first warehouse 😊.
  • A business directory that went on to become a synonym for online business in an industrial city. We made some good money in the business.

I would say that I am a bit old school when it comes to starting and growing a business.

I am one of the guys who like to first test the waters by investing a small amount of money and then committing myself fully to a company after I have had my learning in the initial phase.

Now, Bootstrapping a business with little or no investment is not easy. It is sheer hard work where you learn to live through some tough times.

However, it is an important skill to have.

Bootstrapping strengthens your resolve to succeed and, ultimately, turns you into a better entrepreneur.

It might take you a bit longer today to succeed with bootstrapping, but when you succeed– Trust me, the feeling is unmatched.

It is unmatched because you, my friend, have done it all on your own and are answerable to no VC or angel investor.

I place myself in the category of “bootstrapped entrepreneur” who likes to simplify the art of running a business.

To give you an example, here is one of the viral answers I wrote on Quora (I have written 600+ answers there until I got bored of writing there):

quora answer

Well! That’s what I have done for years.

I have helped aspiring entrepreneurs start their new businesses with minimum or no investment.

In the last ten years, I have learned the right steps, techniques, tools, methods, and processes (now there are a lot of heavy words which essentially mean the same thing 😊) to help Bootstrap businesses.

And – I have been bloody successful at it.

My last exit from my business allowed me to settle in Australia and start afresh comfortably.

In this ‘7-day Bootcamp’ spread across one month, you will learn from my past business case studies.

I am not only going to tell you, “what is it that you need to do to start a Bootstrapped business” – but I am also going to teach you, “How to build a bootstrapped business using some of the past case studies of my businesses.”

Add to above, the learnings and lessons I have learned from my businesses, and you have a blueprint with you to ‘start a bootstrapped business with minimum investment.’

In the Bootcamp, We will follow a simple process of Bootcamp class + assignment, and before the next class starts, I would have reviewed your assignments and given you feedback.

Unlike all the ‘money-making courses’ on the internet that promise the moon and deliver B.S, I am not going to promise you anything ‘unrealistic.’

(note – you are not the only one who has been scammed by them. I (like you) have also wasted a fortune buying the courses so that I could get rich quickly.

All I can say is, “there is no shortcut to success, and all these guys are just selling B.S disguised as ‘get rich quick courses’).

This bootcamp’s aim is to handhold you in starting your entrepreneurial journey and teach you – how you can start a business with a minimum investment, which could be as low as Zero 😊.

I look forward to seeing you in the Bootcamp.

p.s: Before I forget, along with the lessons and everything else, you get access to 3 of my famous courses on udemy for ‘Free’ (priced at $ 80) and a plethora of discounts on online tools that will help you become a bootstrapped entrepreneur.




Let's get Started!

Our next online batch starts on ’15th August 2020′. 

And guess what – I have an early booking ‘DISCOUNT’ for you. 

Normal Price of the ‘7 day BootCamp’ – INR 7,999 | USD 70

Discounted Price for You – INR 4,999 OR USD 70 (INR 7,999|USD 110) 

As an 'Early Bird' you



entrepreneur in doubt

Completing this BOOTCAMP will help you

  • Start your Venture with Minimum Investment
  • Give you Confidence to 'break from the 9 to 6 Routine'
  • Learn a way to start a parallel gig with your Job
  • Get you ready to be a 'Bootstrapped Entrepreneur'


How ready are you to be an Entrepreneur?





You have 7 Classes spread across 8 weeks or 2 months.
In each class we will discuss each topic in detail. The aim is to prepare you to identify your 'skills' and teach you - how to start a business with minimum investment.
For more information visit the Learning Path section on the page.


After every Bootcamp class you get an assignment and a week to submit the assignment. You will get access to past case studies and the assignmemt you do will be evaluated by the Course instructor.



Along with the Bootcamp, you get access to 3 Courses on Udemy
- Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
- WordPress Tutorial
- How to start an Agency on Upwork
for FREE (life time access). The courses are atleast worth 60$ and have been taken by 5000+ students till now.


You get Life Time access to the complete Bootcamp recordings along with case studies and feedback to the assignments.

Entrepreneurship Course timeline

7 DAY BOOTCAMP - Learning Path

Topics Covered:

  • What is Bootstrapping?
  • Why should we Bootstrap?
  • What should you know before Bootstrapping?
  • Bootstrapping during Coronavirus Times
  • The Businesses I have Bootstrapped
    • Successes
    • Failures
    • No comments 😊
  • The Simplest Businesses to Bootstrap
    • Online Businesses: Ecommerce, Business directory, Drop shipping,
    • Services business: Freelancing or a business that complements your skill set
  • Let’s talk about You (your strength, weaknesses, Skill Set or passion)
  • Do you need a Business Partner?
  •  What is the Time and Effort required to build a Bootstrapped Business?
  • First Work Exercise (Don’t sweat…we are not going to the gym 🙂 – A short exercise on helping you identify your SWOT and then, helping you find the right Business for you
  • You have the Idea: Time to give Shape to the Idea (Market Research)
    • Online Research
    • Offline research
  • Identifying the “5 Ws and 1H” to get your Business off the ground
  • Case Studies
  • Another short exercise to help you do a Market Research and identify what would it take (money, time) to get your business off the ground and then take it from ‘Start’ to ‘Growing’ 
  • Time to explore more on the “Hows” to reach the “whats”
  • Learn to identify What are your expenses to start and run a business (capex v/s opex)?
  • Identify the need of each expenses
  • Let’s segregate “needs” from “wants”
  • We should get  simple 1-year expense plan ready
  • Assignment (Yes – it gets serious now and from exercise we shift to assignments 🙂 ) : Build your Business’s Expense plan?
  • How to design a Revenue Model?
  • Matching Revenue to Expenses
  • Understanding the Break Even Point
  • Worst case v/s best case scenario
  • Case Study
  • Assignment or Exercise : Call it what you like it but I really want you to sit down and design a ‘simple’ revenue model for your business 
  • Why should you Outsource?
  • How to Outsource?
  • Outsourcing like a Champion
  • Case study
  • Let’s do another Task : Post a job and find a freelancer for your job !
  • Why is it important to “Market” your product?
  • Marketing – The Bootstrapped Way!
  • The Digital Marketing (introduction)
  • Marketing hacks: Think Out of the Box!
  • The ‘Emotional side of being an Entrepreneur’
  • Quick tips to all the parts of running a bootstrapped business
    • Before the business starts
    • Finance Tips
    • Marketing Tips
    • Hiring Tips
    • Business operations Tips
  • Covering the journey from start to growth


"I like to keep the concepts of Entrepreneurship simple and practical. I look forward to seeing you in the 'Bootcamp'!
Jasmeet singh
Jasmeet Singh


Most frequent questions and answers

It starts on 15th August 2020 – 11 AM IST!

The Bootcamp is different than a standard ‘learn at your pace course’ you take on Udemy because The Bootcamp is objective oriented and time-bound.

We will start together with an objective and then will work our ass towards meeting it over the course of the next two months (every Saturday).

That’s something you find missing in ‘learn at your own pace’ courses. I am personally enrolled in quite a few courses (bought in the ‘year long discount on udemy’), and here is the bitter truth – I have not even completed 20% of any of those courses.

Besides, I have 5000+ students enrolled in the three courses on udemy. You will be surprised to read about the completion rate of students.

They enroll in the course thinking they can do it at their own pace, and since the course is available for a lifetime, they take a lifetime to finish the course or not finish it at all.

On the other hand, I took 2 or 3 courses in advanced SEO, where we got one lesson every week. Trust me- I finished them all in time.

What did I learn?

It helps to work with an objective.

This Bootcamp is objective-driven – My objective is to help you kick start your ‘Bootstrapped Entrepreneurial Journey.’

Moreover, it is a two way course where you and we interact. I promise to review every assignment sent to me personally and send feedback.

This course will actually take me two months (delivery time) and atleast two months of preparation time.

I have three affordable courses on Udemy, which I am giving free along with the Bootcamp. 

All you need is a 10% deposit to book the seat (click here).

The rest of the amount is to be paid seven days before the course will start (a link will be sent to pay the amount).

That’s what I did for years before I started spending money and time on myself upgrading my skill set.

Here is what is wrong with youtube courses:

  1. They are scattered
  2. They are not objective oriented
  3. No one is there to handhold you through your mistakes

Worst! You end up spending hours searching for the ‘right’ videos. In between, you watch a lot of ‘trash.’

As an entrepreneur, I value my time and spend a lot of money on upgrading my skills and buying tools that save me time.

For example – I took an $ 1800 SEO course last year. Before that, I have taken an email marketing course, etc., etc.

I like to save myself the misery of spending endless hours working like a donkey exploring the internet like a ‘; lost soul.’

If you are planning to be an entrepreneur with very minimum investment – trust me, every penny you spend here will be worth it.

Not only am I taking you to step by step through the process, but I am also sharing with you case studies of my success and failed businesses.

Yes. I am giving a discount of almost INR 5,000 /  $ 100 for those who register by the end of July.

Well! If you compare it with the 10$ courses on Udemy – it is expensive. However, if you consider the value you will get from the Bootcamp (It’s not a course 😊. Comparing it with a course is like comparing apples with oranges); you will notice that it is more than ‘value for money.’

Since you are here, let’s look at the benefits:

In the Bootcamp:

  • You get seven lessons (step by step) that will save you atleast 100 hours of miserable research work on the internet
  • All assignments personally reviewed by me
  • Case studies from a variety of businesses including – IT Services, E-Commerce, Business Directory to name a few
  • 60$ worth of courses on udemy (for free)
  • Discounts and offers on paid tools which I can get you because of my relationship with different companies

And when we build the financial plan for your business, I will ask you to add the cost of the course to your business, and we will still be able to reach the break-even point.

p.s: A few students have enquired about the installment plan to pay the fees. I am sorry – I do not have any installment plans but the Razorpay payment gateway offers their installment plans and you can use them when you go to pay through their gateway.

Commitment and promise that you will give your 100%.

I want you to be a part of the journey, and that requires absolute commitment.

I will see you in the Bootcamp.

Let's Start your Entrepreneurial Journey together!