Lessons learned from a failed e-commerce venture


10 years is a long time. That’s the amount of time I have spent with my current surviving venture. In between, I have been a part of multiple ventures as a consultant, partner, co-founder, etc, etc. One of those recent ventures was a small ecommerce venture – a completely new industry for me. The venture … Read more

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP): All you need to know

Essential Skills Top 10 shutterstock 285431867 - Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP): All you need to know

If you have been considering a career as an entrepreneur, you may have come across the concept of EDP, or Entrepreneurship Development Programme. Put simply, an entrepreneurial development programme is a structured training program that can help you hone the abilities required for successful setting up a business and kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey. An EDP … Read more

Are you ready for a Business Partner?


When you are starting a new business, you are always in two minds about starting a partnership business or going, Solo. You try and weigh the advantage and disadvantages of partnership business by religiously studying all merits and demerits of partnership available online. I have had businesses which closed due to my stupidity and intelligence of business … Read more

How Banks can help your Startup grow


The Banks are an indispensable part of the day-to-day operations of any business (startups, small businesses, and large enterprises). And though, they are considered as a place to pay salary, get client’s payments by startups and small businesses, they hold a special meaning for startups and small business. In addition to providing startups and small … Read more