Free Entrepreneurship Development Course

by Aditya

I will help you "kick-start" your - Entrepreneurship Journey!

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Why this Course?

Welcome to the Free Online Entrepreneurship Development Course – Steps to be an Entrepreneur.

When I started my first venture, I was just an engineering graduate who had quit his first job because he wanted to follow his dreams.

Twelve years later, I can tell you I was a passionate fool :). 

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That’s the younger me. I don’t know wtf was i so fascinated with wearing a tie 😀

A passionate fool who, despite not knowing anything about running a business – quit his job and follow his dreams.

Today, when I look back, I realize – I did get lost and there came a time when i started fearing entrepreneurship.

But as someone famous said “We Fear what we do no understand”.

The reality was – i was fearful because i did not spend time to understand Entrepreneurship.


How did my fear go away? 

It took me some time (i am kidding – a lot of time) to realize, Entrepreneurship is a Process.

There are pieces to this jigsaw puzzle that need to be appropriately placed so as to build a profitable business. 

Once all the pieces are placed together, the business works like a well oiled machinery.

And that is what the purpose of this free entrepreneurship development course is. I am going to teach you “how to get all the pieces together”.


More about the Course:

This Course is a simple yet practical guide for everyone who has been wanting to be an “entrepreneur” but has not figured out the right way to start the journey!

steps to be an entrepreneur

The Steps to be an Entrepreneur (artwork done by Japun for this course).

I have broken down some complex concepts into simple pieces to help you kick start your journey.

The Course works in a sequential manner where you get access to the next “module” or “step” after you complete a step. i.e., you confirm your readiness to move to the next step after completing the step you are on.

The two words you will repeatedly hear throughout the Course are “Simple” and “Steps”. 

I have repeatedly used “Simple” because “keeping things simple” is what I believe in. My blogs are written so that 5 years old can understand what I am talking about and this Course is an extension of my blogs. 

I want to talk in an easy to understand language and help you understand things with relatable concepts. 

Also, i believe any concept that cannot be simplified is not fun.

And you get to hear a lot of “Step” because i believe the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and once, we take the first step – we get the confidence to take more until we finish a thousand miles.

You, my friend, will be taking the first step to entrepreneurship by enrolling in the Course and I can promise you that by the end of this free Course, you will be better prepared to start your entrepreneurial journey.

I hope you enjoy the Course!




p.s – Special thanks to my 8-year-old son “Japun” who did the artwork on the whiteboard for this program. He never ceases to amaze me 🙂

Learning Path


Introduction to the Course

Day 1 : Step 1 - Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur

Day 2 : Step 2 - 'Market Research'—How to Learn more about your Business?

Day 3 : Step 3 - How to Create a 'Business Plan'?

Day 4 : Step 4 - Identifying the 'Business Type'

Day 5 : Step 5 - Setting up a Business's 'Online Presence!'

Day 6 : Step 6 - 'How to Hire the Right Team for a New Business'

Bonus Step - Essential Business Tools to 'Automate' Business Processes

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About the Trainer

Jasmeet, Founder - Lessons At Startup

Jasmeet, Founder - Lessons At Startup

I started my first venture in the mid-20s in India and stuck to the venture for the next 12 years before exiting it and relocating to Australia (at present, i am taking a brief hiatus).

 I have 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience ( you would have figured that out by now :)). My experience has involved helping small business and startups start and bootstrap to success.

Till date, i have I have worked in different capacity (consultant, partner) in businesses such as IT Services, E-commerce, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Job Portal, Restaurants (to name a few).

My Training Credentials : As a Trainer, i have trained close to 5000+ students online and offline (the proof is on udemy :)) in Courses ranging from Entrepreneurship to Digital Marketing.