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What do you need to be an Entrepreneur?

A Question, we have asked our selves hundred (if not thousand times).

The answer (majority of time) came down to two things - Passion & Skills!

Passion, you get by virtue of being an Entrepreneur. (note - the day you lose it is the day, you hang your boots)

Skills - You learn with time. Over the years, we have spent days upgrading our skills to make us better Entrepreneurs and these skills are what we are sharing in these online courses.

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Available Courses


How to prepare for starting a Business?

This course is for everyone who has wanted to kick start their entrepreneurial or business journey but hasn't taken the plunge because they did not know - how to start a Business?

This short and easy to understand the course is a simple guide to help you kick start your Entrepreneurial Journey.

In the course,i will provide you with simple to follow steps mixed with real-life examples to prepare you. The aim is to guide you on the steps to launch your business. The course has checklists and templates that shortcut the key steps to setting up a business correctly.

Think of this course as the "first preliminary phase" of starting A Successful Business.

career in mobile marketing

Learn Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Are you still wondering “What is Digital marketing?”. You are not the only one who wants to understand why and what makes digital marketing so popular today.

This short and precise course will help you understand the fundamentals of Digital marketing. I have tried to design the course keeping in mind the questions I am asked during our digital marketing workshops.

From explaining the rise of digital marketing over the years to explaining the latest Methods of Digital Marketing, I have tried to cover all Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

how to become a freelancer

Start a Freelancing Career or an Agency on Upwork

I have been running a successful Agency on Upwork (earlier odesk) for more than 9 years. Our Agency has done close to 15,500 hours of work and has completed more than 500 projects on Upwork.

I have also mentored working professionals to start their freelancing journey on Upwork by teaching them a Method.

Upwork is usually associated with Freelancing. No doubt, it is one of the best platforms to find freelancing jobs but it is also a platform which is a lot more than just a platform for freelancers to help find suitable jobs/gigs.

Upwork has a place for everyone. From Freelancers looking for part time opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to run a complete agency.,

But they all need a process – a method to be successful on Upwork.

wordpress course
Website Management

WordPress : Build Websites without Any Coding Skills

Gone are the times, when you had to rely on a designer or developer to create a website for you. The platform (WordPress) allows you to create your own websites with the best of features without any knowledge of coding or programming.

Learn WordPress – A platform which is used by some of the best websites in the world like New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal to name a few.

This is the right course for anyone looking to learn - How to design and develop websites without any Technical knowledge of Programming. The course helps the students understand - how they can leverage the power of WordPress to quickly setup websites using the inbuilt functionality of WordPress.

WordPress is free but it can be overwhelming for first-time users. This course is designed to help you use WordPress with ease. From basic features like posts and pages to advanced features like “how to design your own unique page structure using Divi framework”, the course covers it all.

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Mayank Srivastava


Short & Precise!

With in a short period of time it will cover the topic with great explanation .



What a wonderful course!

I have learnt several aspects of digital marketing being the best, cost effective medium to advertise your products or services in robust manner...

Johnnie J. O'Dell Jr.

Business Owner

Good & Direct!

It's good, clear and direct.

Meet the Instructors!

The team behind the courses at Lessons At Startup comprises of two entrepreneurs from the worlds of business consulting and IT services. Both of them (Wayne and Jasmeet) have worked with entrepreneurs from across the globe and have designed their courses to reflect the learning they have gained while interacting with business owners, students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet has been an Entrepreneur for last 10+ years working in businesses such as Web Development Services, E-Commerce and Small Business Consulting.

Jasmeet helps Freelances and Small Businesses succeed on Internet by teaching them the methods to earn smartly using different mediums available on Internet.

He is also an avid reader, a compulsive blogger and a Trainer, who loves to spend time learning new things on Internet.

Wayne Hughes

Since 1997 Wayne has run a successful Business Consulting Practise helping hundreds of businesses achieve superior results.

His background before assisting businesses was varied and detailed. Degrees in both Commerce and Law gave a sound base for a career in chartered accountancy, property, advertising and marketing.

Wayne has worked with a vast range of businesses, from Building to Real Estate, Aviation to Aged Care, Manufacturing to Service providers, in the private and government sectors. These businesses range in size from just 4 people to over 200.

This diversity has provided experience in almost any challenge a business may face and developing the strategies to overcome them.



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