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Write for Lessons At Startup:

Welcome Mate!

I accept articles/blogs from Entrepreneurs on this website.

What should you write about?

The majority of the readership of my blog is looking for startup and entrepreneurship advice and topics around them. I will appreciate you stick to the topics which actually provide a valuable advice to them than send me articles/blogs which are written to get backlinks.

I accept articles from Entrepreneurs, Startup Owners, Startup Observers, Startup Enthusiasts or those, who have something interesting to share about Startup and Entrepreneurship.

The type of articles which i accept will include “lessons” you learned during entrepreneurship.

I am not fussy about where or whom the article came from.

By the way, i do not accept articles like “5 tips, 6 tricks and 7 to-do lists….” and articles from content writers looking to get backlinks for their websites.

All I need are good articles which actually are loved my website’s readership and are written for humans, not aliens.

What kind of Style do you accept?

I prefer conversation tone.

What is conversation tone?

Well. Look at some of the blogs written on the website and you will get a fair understanding of the conversation tone articles.

How many words article do you accept?

Minimum 1500 words minus Fluff. I do not write fluff and hate it when I get a request from ghostwriter who sends me a guest blog request just to get backlinks.

Can I write an article when i am drunk?

Why not? Oscar Wilde loved to drink and write. If you can write as good as him – be my guest and send me a post and I will do a hic-hic hurray! along with you.


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