The Entrepreneurship Guide

by Aditya
The Entrepreneurship Guide

The Entrepreneurship Guide

  • Learn the Concept of Entrepreneurship and Introduction to Entrepreneurship with this pdf download (Resource)
  • Topics included in the Resource include:
  • Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?- The Science of identifying “Entrepreneurship” 
  • Market Research—How to Learn more about your Startup?
  • Financial Planning – How well do you know your numbers
  • Identifying the right business type
  • Hiring People – How to hire the right team for a startup?
  • Getting Started – How to use the learning from step 1 to 5 in the startup

Meet the Team

Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet has been an Entrepreneur for last 10+ years working in businesses such as Web Development Services, E-Commerce and Small Business Consulting.

Jasmeet helps Freelances and Small Businesses succeed on Internet by teaching them the methods to earn smartly using different mediums available on Internet.


Jasmeet has trained more than 5000 students in last 3 years using online and offline methods in Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing.


He is an avid reader, a compulsive blogger, A Quora Addict and a Trainer, who loves to spend time learning new things on Internet.

Wayne Hughes

Wayne Hughes

Since 1997 Wayne has run a successful Business Consulting Practise helping hundreds of businesses achieve superior results.

His background before assisting businesses was varied and detailed. Degrees in both Commerce and Law gave a sound base for a career in chartered accountancy, property, advertising and marketing.

Wayne has worked with a vast range of businesses, from Building to Real Estate, Aviation to Aged Care, Manufacturing to Service providers, in the private and government sectors. These businesses range in size from just 4 people to over 200.

This diversity has provided experience in almost any challenge a business may face and developing the strategies to overcome them.

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